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Terry out of action with a broken wrist after being knocked off her feet by over exuberant playing dogs at Steenbok Park. My schedule now around ensuring Prince gets his exercise and we have easy to eat, one handed, meals. Dorado with a basil-pesto crust on the weber grill. An almond flower diabetic-sensitive substitute for bread-crumbs. The fillets were a tad thin, which I

Terry's delectable 'Salmon en Papillote', which I did on the Weber grill. Zucchini, thyme, cream-cheese and salmon-trout parceled up to seal in the flavours. I heated the weber for ten minutes with the lid on, and then put the parcels onto the braai-sheet. Cooking time was 10minutes for the 2 cm thick fillets. Striving for a limited pallet of colours to take on the

Boundless energy released in a spray of sea sand and water. The RAV, an instant sandbox. Legs hammered from the sudden increase in walking demanded to keep Prince from bouncing off the walls. Not quite managing the '30 paintings in 30 days' September challenge, however I did get a few small paintings finished, with help of a puppy in the studio. The 'hose-clamp', google fix

"As per your wonderful sense/insight of humanity Jan, you have captured emotive images of the human spirit; universally speaking your mind by way of canvas, brush, paint, palette & knife. Many of us could learn to not just "look", but to "see" as well, by taking notice of the message you have implored here within these works. Wish I could have seen it

Cycle up the Brenton hill, not the steepest of climbs, but it winds up for quite a distance before dropping back down to the sea. All of which needs to be repeated in reverse. Slowly!It does give you enough time to see the changes taking place across the hills and forests turned to ash in the fires. Tendrils of brilliant green bracken pushing

  Seductive winter, well sort of, days. Knees that purplish tinge in my shorts, with the studio a tad cooler than being in the sun. ‘Brothers’, painting of the returning boys Odyssey team. A loose approach to the 'Impressionistic Smearing', building tension within the painting, keeping the details to a minimum to reinforce that these are boys in their formative years, as well as the

The combination of an oxygen high at first light dashing through the forest, combined with the smell of freshly cut pine and red wine still pumping through your veins must be close to the 'Exilir of Life.'  On a perfect evening the 'Open Studio' brought a bunch of new people to the studio, with lively discussion on technique, subject matter, material and the dichotomy

Friday Market. Flavoursome, spicy curry with a fabulous chocolate roulade starter.  Blood. Seemingly a standard at the end of each ride. The bouncing across corrugated roads throwing my feet from the pedals. Sudden stops caused by that unexpected rocky incline and the wrong gear selection. Loosing concentration at the end of a ride while parking the bike. A gazillion reasons that have me searching

Squeezed between 'Very Sexy' and 'Nudity', was 'S&M'! Such, the wines of our Shiraz tasting, on a long hot summer day, with a cooling breeze. Exactly, the conditions for savoury, rich, intoxicating Shiraz. Spicy pulled-pork, served with gnocchi and an avo, salsa salad, the carefully thought out meal from Suyenne. While at the Kleine Zaltze family reserve was the star, the Very

Terry on her way to France to see Aly and Eugene. Super-moon high tide causing havoc with the nesting oyster catches. Isolated as the storm tossed waves swamp their nests perched on tufts of reeds. Jog after a day of storms meant that I had plenty of puddles to stomp through. The magic blue tape making a reappearance as my Achilles is a tad unhappy.