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Held the last demonstration of the Knysna Arts Festival week, putting the finishing touches to the painting of 'Feeling the B', before showing the technique I use for painting the eyes of portraits. The hands of the guitarist in the painting proving a challenge that may be a tad beyond my skills. A few deft strokes to finish the face, before looking at where

  Roger here from Switzerland and Dad and Mary down from Montagu for a family get together in Wilderness. The house in the nature reserve well appointed and spacious. The covered braai area perfect in the damp weather. Pharaoh gallery, the paintings humming with energy from the walls. Bold sweeping strokes from the pallet knife on the large canvases, applied with precision, create minimalist portraits

Restlessness stirs. Sea siren, driven on the silhouette of a wooden cutter that sailed through the sunset. Carefree child, and her dog. Oblivious to the world outside her paddle board. Adventure beckons. Terry improving slowly. Stubbornly high blood pressure still a worry. The key, not trying to do too much. In my painting, elephants in the forest at Hoekwill Forest Station. Colours of tree lichen,

Addo Adventures We drove through the magnificent Titsikama forests, the roadside dusted with pink and a striking mauve flowering bush. Trees, tinged with yellow at the changing of season. Turning left from the sea, a sudden transition into the garden kingdom of the Addo Elephants. Smaller than their Northern brethren, dusted with red sands, they exude the carefree attitude of the surfers who call this stretch

A brief respite between howling winds coming off the lagoon. A hint of snow in the chill woven within the wind gusts. Yachts, playful. If a tad scary.   On the easel a painting of elephants at the Knysna Elephant Sanctuary. The painting fighting with what I had in my mind. I didn't use the very large canvas, which still rests waiting for its image

Elephants at the Knysna Elephant Sanctuary. The painting fighting with what I had in my mind. I didn't use the very large canvas, which still rests waiting for its image to emerge. The composition is based on the diagonal lines across the canvas, with the two elephants in each major quadrant. The focal point sits at the one third position, within the boundaries of

Easter, the overnight storm giving way to a sky of beautiful fluffy clouds. Cold gremlins a nuisance. No jogging. Terry in bed with Pneumonia a bit of a bother.  The painting of the 'Refugee Girl', has sold. A difficult painting to sell given my emotional attachment to the South Sudan paintings. What was incredible, is that an artist - struggling with a painting -

 The exhibition in the studio changed for the Knysna Literary Festival with poems from Terry's collection 'Thank you Calliope', on the walls between the paintings. Great that people are reading the poems and buying the books. It's the first time I have been able to see the three paintings I did of the fish market in Dar Es Salaam displayed together.   Aly and Eugene

Family Huddle Oil on Canvas 60cmx60cm Polly's walks getting shorter, and I'm able to head out for a jog after taking her out. Managed the time trial route, and up the hill around to the traffic lights. Furthest I've been for a long while. The stairs to the apartment suddenly very steep. Although, that could also be due to the wine consumed. Terry spending ten days

My fingers are full of holes, and there is more blood than paint on the panel I'm making for the laundry cupboard. My skills at carpentry a tad lacking, and I certainly don't have the correct tools. None of which makes a difference when you can't get the measurements precise! In my defense, the panel was incorrectly cut at the building supplier, which