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Incredible to receive a Special Recognition Award for ‘Excellence in Art’, ‘Hold the Open Heart’, Created in Isolation Art Exhibition. Erica’s, sensational in the sunrise as we hammered along the Ridge Road. Tai Chi, silhouettes. Fascinating. Unexpected. Friendly faces in an unfamiliar part of our town. Biscotti, that end of day indulgence. Keto, for my wildly fluctuating blood sugars. The charts, off the scale. Yellow Ochre

Terry's sister Jenny. After a massive stroke. Has passed on. Unfathonable. And so it begins. Canvas stretched on an old frame for the study of Cheetah cubs from a photo by Hirsch (https://www.gravelroadadventures.co.za/). I’m leaving a 45cm border, and will use acrylic paints, so the painting can be stretched properly once it’s done. That will also take care of all small tear in the canvas.

’Memory of France’ Acrylic on canvas 90cmx60cm The painting of France a tad more laboured than it would have been if we had been traveling in France, as I would be rushing to do as many paintings as possible in the limited time. However, I'm pleased that it doesn't feel overworked. The loose canvas giving me a hard time with lines that didn't behave

‘Hold The Open Heart’Oil on canvas over newsprint 100cmx150cm Straight lines not the easiest with my fingers. I did contemplate using a marker pen, but decided the sharp edges from it would be too big a contrast with the rest of the painting. More than normal shakes in my right arm after the bicycle crash that broke my clavicle make painting a tad difficult.

Thrilled that my portrait of the ’Fisherman’ received an Honourable Mention, for ’Art of Outstanding Quality’ at the online 10th Annual Light Space and Time Figurative Competition. Chosen from 623 entries, from 27 different countries. The list of neglected jobs trimmed as the lock-down runs its the course. Pots of succulents on the patio table one of them. A new recipe book from Terry’s birthday

Quiet streets of Harbour Town reverberate with pulsing exhausts of vintage Bentley’s. Fabulous looking vehicles passing the studio. A woman stopped me in the street to thank me for keeping her spirits up with my vibrant paintings and to keep painting. Straight lines the bother with my fingers, particularly as the large canvas flexes. ’Hold the Open Heart’, a William Kentridge work from his series

’Palette Leftovers’ Acrylic on canvas 70cmx200cm Marathon day. Singing and dancing supporters turning it into a street party, which Prince didn't appreciate. Especially after another night of lightning storms. The cheese-based crust (using a different recipe) for the Beef Wellington didn't hold its shape in the Kamado Jan, resulting in a sort of mush. Fortunately, it still tasted great, but I think that had more to

’Fisherman’ Oil on canvas 76cmx104cm Indian Yellow and Alizarin Crimson, rather than the Madder Red I used in the initial painting of the ’Fisherman’, has given it an unintended ’fiery’ glow. Somewhat poetical, given that the first painting was destroyed in a fire? Mixing the Alizarin Crimson with Burnt Umber changed the tone, creating a much more powerful portrait, and closer to what I was

‘Poppies and olives’Oil on board 220cmx92cm Painted in 2002, a client resale in the studio Something magical about a road-trip in the early morning, as the sun begins it's journey. Even without coffee to start the day, as load-shedding impacts our lives. Driving three hours for a dinner may seem a tad excessive. However, the dining experience at La Sosta in Swellendam is unbelievable and should

’Women in the Waves’ Acrylic on Canvas 200cmx70cm Too many conflicting ideas messing about with my painting of the ’Women in the Waves’. Decided to stop smearing paint in the canvas. Happy with areas of the painting, while other bits are a tad overworked. Summer. Visitors fleeing to confront the start of the new job year. Weather  switched to glorious. If a tad stifling. Early Steenbok