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There is something personal about Mountain Zebra. It doesn't have the freneticness of larger parks and there is a quiet gentleness to being held in the cupped palm formed by the mountains. The scenery is beautiful. With an abundance of flowering plants. Mauve Wild Iris and white Erica's. Reeds tipped with delicate blue. Mountains of polished boulders, under wide blue skies. Watching a bunch of

'Don't spend time and energy fretting about the monsters in your head. Start a new painting and you will have a whole collection of new monsters!' Blue skies, the waters of the lagoon sparkling under summer sun. Yachts hardly moving in the gentle breeze. This, the view from the studio windows and my painting, 'Summer Fun'. Influenced by John Henry Twatchman, the painting pushing

A Bed of Poppies, 1909 Painter, author, and amateur botanist expressed the visual power of flowers with these words in 1915. A leading light of the New York and new England art scenes during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, Oakey Dewing painted landscapes, portraits, and figural works – many of which have not been located – but her artistic legacy is

Oil on Canvas 60cmx90cm Yellow cotton balls of colour on thin read stems caught my attention on the turnoff to Springer Bay. With the summer heat, the fynbos has changed. From the rainy season greens to grey renosterveld, sprinkled with a gazillion blue flowers like Christmas lights. Against the sky, a small farm house dwarfed by the tree protecting it from the afternoon sun. Thrilled with the

With the oven sorted, Terry did a stunning dinner in the apartment. A chilled cucumber soup with mint garnish. Herbed rack of lamb, which I cooked (Not quite long enough, as I didn't allow for the wind factor) on the Weber, served with aubergine, tomato and Parmesan cheese (Peter Goffe-Wood recipe) A desert duo of strawberry and chocolate mouse. A 2004 Rustenberg John

Yacht Club for lunch, perched above the waters of the lagoon. Although with the high water from the full moon tides, it feels like it's floating on the water. It's pleasantly difficult to concentrate on the food with the distraction of the water activity. Great service and end of stock wines meant that we were still there after the staff had left for

Three hour, slow grilled, pork on the Weber. The last two hours were cooked in Arra Voignier, which I had no idea about. Scrumtious. Voignier the magic ingredient? Sneezing while painting, creates a special brand of mess, as paint flies all over the show. Perhaps, as John suggested, a new art form; Sneeze-ism. Spring wildflowers emerging from the canvas. A kaleidoscope of colours. I chose

Oil on Canvas 90cmx60cm Spring wildflowers emerging from the canvas. A kaleidoscope of colours. I chose an intermediate canvas size (90x60cm) as there seemed too much going on for a small painting, yet the larger canvas would have meant abnormally large pincushion protea. Amongst the mush of colour, botanically, the Arum Lily and Pincushion Protea are somewhat identifiable. A tad more imagination is needed for

Candle light. Dancing flames. Window reflections. Mirror smooth waters. Wine glasses, full of mystery. Taste miraculously altered with food combinations. Alchemy under star filled skies. Moon edged against ultramarine blue skies. Morning mist, soothing wine monsters. The restaurant at the Turbine did a fabulous meal, paired with wines selected with a magicians art. While the lamb was disappointing, and the beef cheeks cried out