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Rhône-Alpes Region, France Alyson and Eugene stay in the small village of Saint-Égrève, on the edge of Grenoble, the apartment block part of the park grounds. Overshadowed by the white chalk mountains, its a world of green. Tree leaves - ever restless - rustling in the wind. The gardens, riots of colour, with beds of white, blue and purple planting, giving way to

Farewell dinner for Mustafa UNOPS South Sudan Transit Guesthouse Traffic in Juba Town has returned to its normal shambolic state. Motorcycles doing their best to get everyone on board killed. Taxi's looking for a Guinness World Record for overloading at every stop. Pedestrians dodging blue water trucks and speeding 4X4's who all think they are the most important thing on the road. Police, in their

Juba Wildflowers Oil on Canvas 60cmx30cm On my jog I passed a clump of purple wild flowers amongst the green. Stopping to take a photo to use for a painting I spotted a coucal in the bushes! The painting doesn't have a focal point, which I may need to fix. Will glare at it for a bit and then see.

Oil on canvas 60cmx50cm Japanese Peonies, taken from an arrangement given to us by the school kids in Yokohama. I didn't know where the painting was going and tried not to over think the painting, rather letting it take its own course. I ended up simplifying the composition as the foliage was distracting. Also ended up adding more negative space on the right hand

Oil on Canvas 60cmx30cm For Sale $2,400.00 Copenhagen, on a bright spring morning. Children dancing amongst the flowers from the spring bulbs starting to appear in the parks. The delicacy of their tutu inspired skirts, mirrored in their graceful movement.

Oil on Linen 35cmx50cm On the easel the layout for a group of 3 young men in Lakes State who reminded me of the restless youth in South Sudan, responsible for the current unrest and deaths, linked to cattle raids, politics, ethnic rivalry and the dry season. However, on my way to Juba 3, I passed a flame tree the orange blossoms vibrant against the