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A night of storms, which if the reported wind speed is accurate, reached gale force winds. They were certainly strong enough to tear off the neighbours patio roof! Our damage was limited to filthy studio windows, which meant a workout washing them down and doing a sort of cleaning job. Sicilian slant on the traditional French boeuf Bourguignon. The addition of chili, anchovies and

Hi Jan, You said that you wanted me to write you up something about what it was like to try and follow you driving through Juba. Seeing how I’m not exactly in my best form today I have put together a document using pictures to best describe my take on the experience last night.. please see below. Jan, Steve and Annie, Thank you

The cycle in the Village has turned, and we have fresh table cloths - red - at the Patisserie where we have our morning coffee and more-ish croissants. The baker greets us as he leaves with his baskets of baguettes and we (Hesta, Terry and Kirsten, that is) are invited for cafe at the Chateau Bar. The team that vacuums the piles of

Marsanne L'Hôtel*** du Domaine de la Vivande Yellow sunflower fields, and blue skies. Pale stone houses, terra-cotta roof tiles and shutters of lavender. Picture perfect. For now, the wind is no more than a murmour in the absolute quiet of the country side. A long table in the shade of the oak trees, our lunch table that consumed vast amounts of wine to accompany the

Rhône-Alpes Region, France Alyson and Eugene stay in the small village of Saint-Égrève, on the edge of Grenoble, the apartment block part of the park grounds. Overshadowed by the white chalk mountains, its a world of green. Tree leaves - ever restless - rustling in the wind. The gardens, riots of colour, with beds of white, blue and purple planting, giving way to

The wind that has pounded us for the past few days is now dancing across the tops of the pine trees, looking for new mischief. The skies, layered with different grey storm colours, showing off their charcoal shading. A bit like they do their Turner act, only this time highlighting how inadequate my charcoal technique is. Certainly not beach weather, forcing us to sit