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An Artists Garden. The vineyards. Jasmine hedonistic, as we watch the sun through the trees. Bubbles, red wine and Simon&Garfunkel while Polly rolls in the grass. Sunset shadows through the trees. Gurgling fountain. Felecia adding spots of blue. The sun easing its way into a new day. Francolins and Guineafowl, broken voiced, discordant raucous. A quick catch-up with George before we were dragged kicking

Unexpected days filled with sunshine. The braai a must, and an excellent foil to Terry's cauliflower and bacon tart. Doolhof shiraz, living up to the hype. Rich and spicy. Francolins in the garden, churning the yellow flowering perennials. Camellias in full bloom. Pink and red brilliance amongst the green foliage. The winter garden starting to stir as thoughts of summer increase with the

The rain in the vineyards dissipated early enough for us to enjoy the gardens at Babylonstoren. A tortoise wondering along the pathway bounded by the plessage of layered quince tree branches. The precision of the gardens, amazing, even if its hard to get excited about vegetables, herbs and fruit. Looking to see if the last remaining poppy seed heads contained any late seeds,

The summer garden at the cottage is a mass of white and pink, with the odd shades of purple thrown into the mass of green. The brilliant yellows of the spring garden have faded and the hot days have yet to turn the lawn yellow. The fountain is finally working after a few hitches caused by me reading the volume of pump incorrectly

Cottage Garden Oil on Canvas 60cmx30cm The spring garden at the cottage in Stellenbosch, a mass of colour. Vibrant peach pincushion Protea. Grey leaved gazania's, with their pink-purple flowers. Purple buds on the wild sage. Mauve lavender heads and the grey green leaves of artichoke.

Sparkling blue seas, the silhouette of flukes before they are slammed into the water, billows of white foam. Whales we did not expect to see. We had travelled up to the West coast National Park to catch the end of the flowering season and a million tortoises, only to find the area barred by a padlocked gate. As its a military controlled zone,

Viviers - Rhône-Alpes Belle maison avec jardin The green gate is sandwiched between the theater and a nondescript corner that leads up the hill through the old town. Butterflies flit through the garden of shadows, the house being swallowed in wisteria. Hammocks, the indicator of afternoons with bubbles and wine. Barking dogs, music, and stories. Silver bangles 'well behaved women, seldom make history', percussion to

Lines of Green Oil on Canvas 40cmx30cm Transit Guesthouse, where Jogchum has turned a blank wall into a feature by having granadilla plants create vertical lines of green. Simple, and stunning, particularly with the shadows of the foliage. The subject for a small painting.