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A huge moon over Juba Town, the roads still wet from the evening shower. A bit concerned about the presence of military at the main intersections, certainly not helped by the firing of shots. I don't think my running style is that bad?! Still, I turned off the main route, using side roads which are a tad more difficult to navigate, even with a

The wind that has pounded us for the past few days is now dancing across the tops of the pine trees, looking for new mischief. The skies, layered with different grey storm colours, showing off their charcoal shading. A bit like they do their Turner act, only this time highlighting how inadequate my charcoal technique is. Certainly not beach weather, forcing us to sit

As one would expect of a Creation, there are lots of ideas. Some of which are stunning, some disappointing, some not worth repeating and when you thought you had it sussed, there is a surprise that leaves you with a smile. The art, molten glass and abstract relief emerging from the rough brick walls is elemental to Creation, and in keeping with the