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Oil on Canvas 50cmx26cm When we pass the lagoon on our way in and out of town, a rowing boat used by fisherman catches our attention. It's position continually changing with tide, and use. A painting of the rowing boat reflected in mirror smooth waters.  I used the figure of 8, lying on its side, technique  to get the proportions of the boat correct. It's a

Oil on Canvas 77cmx101cm Finished fighting with my painting of the forest. A bunch of colours used in the painting that haven't been part of my pallet for awhile. A forest floor of Yellow Ochre, Mineral Violet Light, Cadmium Yellow Deep, Naples Yellow Light, Cobalt Blue, and Magenta. Trees of Permanent Red Orange, Cinnabar Green, Cadmium Yellow Light, Cerulean Blue, Yellow Ochre, Indian Yellow,

Stunning sunset walk. Polly looking for mischief. Lines on canvas. The forest. With elephants trashing loggers equipment, it seemed appropriate to have an elephant in my painting. Or rather, the semblance of one. A bit of a struggle with what appeared to be a lifeless mass of paint on the canvas. As it has for hundreds of years, on the main road through Knysna, the

Polly, oblivious to the rain, is officially a Swamp Brat. The mud at low tide a new playground of smells and rotten bits to eat. Discarded fishing tackle and hooks, a menace. Colour, attitude and a hint of daring exhibitionism in the annual Pink Lourie parade along the main street. There was a touch of dazzling, to go with the bravado, and the rain

Oil on Canvas 70cmx110cm Available for Sale $1,500 excluding courier fees The old ship bollard on the jetty at Thesen Island was the focus of my painting, 'The Light in Between'. Yachts at anchor against stormy skies. I used three main mixes for the painting. Permanent Magenta (Daler-Rowney) and Ultramarine Blue (Malmeri) Burnt Sienna, Cobalt Blue (Lucas) and Permanent Magenta. And, a mix of Indian Yellow