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360 Degrees Oil on Canvas 15cmx15cm At the top of the Zevenwacht farm, lie the Sauvignon Blanc vines that are cooled by the sea breeze from both coasts. This is used for their 360 wines, a crystal clear white. Polly hasn't managed to walk that far for a number of years, something we are hoping to put tight this year.

Oil on Canvas 40cmx50cm Weary after fighting with my painting. Not sure if it's because I didn't have a clear idea of where the painting was heading, or tried to do to many things with it. Perhaps it's simply an indication of too little sleep with my painful ribs, or the coming to the end of my time in South Sudan, and my mind

Juba market, bustling with bright umbrellas shielding merchandise from the sun. Boda-boda drivers slouched on their metal machines, their Hip-Hop dress style creating their own tribe. Boy Scouts, an unexpected normality, amidst the vigilance for speeding vehicles carrying sunglass preening Presidential Guards. New recruits, resplendent in new track suits, on their formation run through Juba Town. An indicator of military preparation for a