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Butterflies. Sweat. A bit of blood. Howling wind. Dust. Homtini Pass. Four hours. The longest ride in many years. Breakfast at the Garden Route Trail Park halfway through the ride ensured that my blood sugars didn’t go crazy. Homtini (The name is apparently of Khoi origin and means either "mountain honey" or "difficult passage"), is one of the more beautiful of the passes in

Eddie's innovation dinner was to use an induction pan that works, with a pot (that doesn't work on the induction hob) inside it to cook the pasta sauce. We are waiting for confirmation of the ceasefire between anti and pro government forces, while there are reports that the pro-government forces have retaken Bor, assisted by Ugandan forces. In Juba, shooting was reported from High

Juba 3 is busy at this time of the morning with construction equipment turning the area into flat cleared earth where IDPs can build shelters, and the perimeter earth embankments are raised to protect them from stray bullets. The area over the camp is shrouded in smoke and I have to modify my jogging route to keep as far from all this activity

Went out for my jog on a modified circuit that took me past where the new IDP camp is going to be built. The bush is burnt ready for the dozers in the morning. Amongst the black, a grey herron looking for braai end dinner. Certainly struggled! The dinner innovation tonight (pasta with sausage) was an advertisement for the UNOPS Project Management approach. They

All three programmes are working hard to either kick off/resume work where we can restart our development projects safely. Particularly those which have a strong Community Component to get as much money into those communities at this time of economic hardship. We have set up a temporary planning office in the conference room where we have been marking the map of South Sudan

We are doing our best to share the dinner duties around amongst the guys who are camping in the houses at Juba 3. Something that we may change in the next few days as we expect another three to be coming in which will make a cook necessary. However, for now, I think there is something of a Cooking Innovation War going on.