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Italian Farmer Oil on Linen 60cmx35cm A painting outside Turin, Italy below the fabulous  Malvira Estate in Canale, which specialises in local cultivars that have been grown in the Piemonte. The canvas, Italian Linen, from an art supply shop in Turin, gives the painting texture.

Oil on Canvas 40cmx50cm Roses at the entrance pillar to the Malvira Estate in Canale, Piermont, Italy. A gentle painting, full of the heat of summer, a loose style to represent the languid life of Italy. Colours clean, the sharpness of the light.

Attitude. Flavour. Colour. Attitude. Style. Fashion. Attitude. Italy. Within the first fifteen minutes of the four hour train journey to Turin, I had managed to cause and incident with two old Italian women (correct seats, wrong carriage), an Australian couple (correct seats, correct carriage. But they had been bumped from the earlier strike affected train). Knocked over my red wine so it splashed the