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Farewell dinner for Mustafa UNOPS South Sudan Transit Guesthouse Traffic in Juba Town has returned to its normal shambolic state. Motorcycles doing their best to get everyone on board killed. Taxi's looking for a Guinness World Record for overloading at every stop. Pedestrians dodging blue water trucks and speeding 4X4's who all think they are the most important thing on the road. Police, in their

Oil on canvas 60cmx50cm Japanese Peonies, taken from an arrangement given to us by the school kids in Yokohama. I didn't know where the painting was going and tried not to over think the painting, rather letting it take its own course. I ended up simplifying the composition as the foliage was distracting. Also ended up adding more negative space on the right hand

On the Streets of Kyoto Oil on Canvas 50cmx40cm Ladies in kimonos are, as promised in the guide books, seen on the streets of Kyoto. The walk along the street leading to the famous area of Kiyamachi Dori Street, special. The Ultramarine and Phathlo Blue mixture, with Naples Yellow providing the basis for the painting.

A Woman in Kyoto Oil on Canvas The office committee did a huge job of organizing the Independence anniversary celebrations for the office. A couple of kids groups did a bunch of traditional dances and then we had Juba Rock. High volume, that pushes the lousy quality speakers into overload is a must, and the singer does some sort of karaoke voice over type thing.

A special catch-up with Angela, here from Oxford for a few weeks. Not often that Juba is on anyone’s circuit! Finally sorted the small painting of Polly that I have been meaning to get done for ages. It's not a dramatic picture but does show her in a typical, I'm not letting you get away, sort of mood. Juba 3, overcast and so quiet you

Oil on Canvas 60cmx50cm Sunday in a park, Tokyo, Japan After a discussion on portrait painting, I used Green Oxide for the shadows, rather than the blue I would have normally used. It opened a range of other colours which worked well with the pale complexion of the Japanese.

Kyoto Adventure The shinkansen (bullet train) whizzed us across from Yokohama, although no one told us that there isn't any space for luggage, which you need to tuck under your legs somewhere. Very polite assistants offer ice cream, including the green tea option, which you have to judge carefully to make sure it's eaten and the rubbish deposed of before you exit the

Senses reel. Ears assaulted by amplified, sing-song advertising. Eyes dazzled by neon signs, primary colour advertising, walking stick handles in sparkling crystals supporting bowed over ancients. Incense, jasmine and even cleanliness, the smell of Tokyo. Have to love the spectacle 'cleaning bath' outside the optometrist! Extra special after Juba dust. Our Japanese secret weapon, Chiba, was waiting when we came through customs at

Takewaka, Spice 2 building, Metropolitan Ave, Ikebukuro, Tokyo An amazing meal of sushi, seaweed, tempura veggies and a fried chicken dish. The food was presented like a small Japanese garden and tasted incredible. From a root, type thing, our attentive waitress made us fresh wasabi, which doesn't taste anything like the tube stuff. It's still green, but rather than a uniform grunge colour, its