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The last of summer afternoon jazz at Blend. Bougainvillea flowers sparkling in the sunshine. The cool wind kept away from the cozy seating by the screen of trees and the pizza oven. Oyster Catchers preening in the morning light. The wet beach sand a mirror for their 'runway' strutting. Feet a tad frozen on the cold beach sand. Hopefully there are not too many gaps

UCT Graduate School of Business Quiet contemplation. One of the values around which the UN Leadership Training is structured. Recognizing that they have a room full of frazzled field people who need space in coming off their ADHD lives. Within the fantastic facilities of the UNCT Business School, courtyards, gardens, art and the myriad of corridors rough the former prison, a natural maze in

The travel schedules brought us into Copenhagen with enough time for a cappuccino, and a stunning Danish at Lagkaghuse, before we walked across the city to Kelley's apartment for dinner, along one of the canals in a very smart part of the city. The weather was too cold to stay outside for long, where the weber was doing the cooking, and we bunched

Madam Zendara crystal ball glowing amongst the eclectic decor of the basement, with its backdrop of New York City at sunset. Voted the best jazz venue in Sweden by artists, it's a space that oozes soul. We listened, somewhat stunned, to a duo ( Ullén and de Heney, pianist and double bassist) doing the unexpected with their instruments, creating a sound that has

Juba Adventures 16th Feb 13 Went out on my long jogging route, the roads of Juba Town already busy. Rafa and Blackie, the dogs from the UNOPS guest house, joined for a bit which was fun. The traffic meant that for sections of the road it was like running through a dust storm. The churches were in full voice and street vendors had their fires