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Blisters. Stiff muscles. Creaking joints. Such, the first week in the apartment, with stairs. Walking into town. Carrying Polly up and down the stairs. A jogging program, and hours in the studio. We have a resident owl who sits on top of the security camera mast, filling the still air with its, fog horn rivaling, hooting. Head rotating to follow us on our walk.

Our water is so bad at the moment, I'm not sure if my hair is cleaner or dirtier after my shower. My 'adventurous' pallet was tested by the breakfast Salah prepared that had elements of Egyptian cuisine in it. The olive, rice and onion dish, served with Spanish omelets was sharp and more than a wake up. For the traditional after the meal fruit,

Juba Town is crazy with streets full of traffic. Shops open and well stocked. Street side restaurants busy and people all over the place. Tents erected for weddings and the soccer fields have nets attached to the goal posts. Players jog around the field and go through their warmup drills. A semblance of normality, within which, even the speeding military vehicles and convoys

Watched over by the moon, it was a cool morning for my jog. I came across a large puff adder that had been run over on the road confirming my caution about not going out in the dark. Bunches of meetings as per normal on a Friday and a zillion small bits that have kept me out of mischief. Juba remains quiet, with ongoing clashes

SSOC braai at Juba 3 Security issues that have dominated the past weeks, replaced by people issues. Staff stranded in various parts of the globe after having documents and money stolen. One of the engineers admitted to the UNMISS clinic in Malakal with suspected heart problems and unfortunately not recovering. Special flight organized to get his body back to Juba and get

28th March 13 Rain over Addis Oil on Canvas 40cmx40cm Thunder rumbling over Juba Town, the scramble to ensure staff are safe as reports come in of over 100 South Sudan military casualties from fighting in Jongelei, reportedly heading towards one of our project sites. The airfield, a priority project to make it accessible for fixed wing aircraft has demanded bunches of time to unblock