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Jean-Baptiste-Armand Guillaumin, Impresssionnist painter with intense colors, he is famous for his landscapes of Paris, Creuse and Esterel areas.  Born in Paris on 16 February 1841 into a working-class family, who moved to Moulins soon after his birth. In accordance with his father's wishes, he was sent to Paris to study business and placed under the care of his aunt and uncle where he

"The Painter of the American Winter." Walter Launt Palmer’s snow scenes earned him a reputation as a master of capturing winter on canvas. Influenced primarily by the regionalist principles of the Hudson River School, Palmer’s travels through the Catskill Mountains, Hudson River Valley, Paris and Venice are reflected in his landscapes, as well as his domestic interiors and portraits.  Born into an artistic Albany, New

Riverbank in the Forest  Oil on Linen 100 x 120 cm 1918 A calm view of the banks of the river from La Mogoda Caldes , the home of his good friend Juan Antonio Guell He is considered one of the greatest representatives of Spanish impressionist landscape art.  Colour and light meant everything to Mir, and he used them to build a personal idiom in which he

Italian Farmer Oil on Linen 60cmx35cm A painting outside Turin, Italy below the fabulous  Malvira Estate in Canale, which specialises in local cultivars that have been grown in the Piemonte. The canvas, Italian Linen, from an art supply shop in Turin, gives the painting texture.