Diary of an Adventure

Harbour Town Adventures


Forest run on the contour path with an extra loop thrown in along a piece of single track marked with green spots on trees. Fortunately it was dry underfoot so the exposed roots and pine needles weren’t a skating rink. Still tricky.
A painting of power and menace. Danger, in those life, and death moments that are Africa. I searched for the sinews, stretched across muscles, coiled with explosive energy. I adjusted the composition to increase the triangular placement of the Zebra’s. Simplified the skyline which was distracting.
Increasing the tonal aspect of the painting made it a tad heavy feeling, which I adjusted by taking out some of the harder edges. Burnt sienna added into the muscle areas of the lioness to increase her dominance.
I did need to ensure that the painting included the key characteristics of the Cape Mountain Zebra. Narrow black stripes on the neck and torso. Wide stripes on the rump. White belly, and dewlap. Striped socks down the legs and rump stripes.
A hint of the wild irises that were flowering.
A fair amount of mud walking along the hide-tide mark of the salt marsh collecting garbage. Part of the ongoing drive for awareness about the dangers litter has on the fragile Eco-system. The normal plastic, bottles, crisp and sweet wrappers, with clumps of fishing line thrown in. The box, with an engraved brass plaque that once held the ashes of a departed soul, a bit more of a surprise.
Cold paints. My fingers frozen! The studio cooler with the sun hidden behind clouds. Even long trousers with shoes and socks are required!
Admin chores consuming my days. Long neglected I know, and important. Still, not my best. Inventory of paintings completed and the website updated. Memories, and stories behind rediscovered favourites.
Morning mist lifting as the sun turned he lagoon into a reflecting pool for the vaults of heaven. The path of our running route, paved with gold as light filtered through autumn leaves. This, another day in paradise.
Diary of an Adventure

Mountain Zebra National Park

There is something personal about Mountain Zebra. It doesn’t have the freneticness of larger parks and there is a quiet gentleness to being held in the cupped palm formed by the mountains.
The scenery is beautiful. With an abundance of flowering plants. Mauve Wild Iris and white Erica’s. Reeds tipped with delicate blue. Mountains of polished boulders, under wide blue skies.
Watching a bunch of zebra continually move into the danger zone of a prowling lioness, reinforced the perception that these are not the brightest of animals. Perhaps some of the Botswana donkey genes have made their way into the bloodline?
However, when perfectly captured against the skyline, they are decidedly good looking with their telltale brown stripes between the black and white. Of course, with the Karoo windmill and flat topped mountain in the distance!
We had time to watch a Fish Eagle bath. Marvel at the grace and power of stampeding wildebeest. Sit and read while the skies turned golden at sunset, before retreating inside to a warming fire.
Grateful to the genius who included a vent from the fireplace to warm the bedroom on a crisp  Karoo night. Granted the temperatures are hardly below zero, the evening sky full of stars, however, that bit of planning is remarkable as the cottage is cold.
Thoughts turn to capturing the essence on canvas. A new adventure.