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Oil on Canvas 76cmx102cm I used a limited ‘Zorn’ palette of Burnt Sienna (Red earth colour) and Raw Sienne (yellow earth colour), with Ultramarine Blue. Fun to use because you have to focus on the value structure and the warm/cool dimension. You also watch your edges more. This really makes you pin down the structure of what you are representing and the light.

Frenchman Oil on Linen 40cmx50cm Early, the birds trying to get interested in the day, while the moon hides behind a bank of clouds. On the easel the challenge of a portrait of someone I actually know! A tad intimidating. The plan, to take from his personality, and keep it loose and unstructured. A bit like a linen jacket.

Oil on Canvas 60cmx50cm Sunday in a park, Tokyo, Japan After a discussion on portrait painting, I used Green Oxide for the shadows, rather than the blue I would have normally used. It opened a range of other colours which worked well with the pale complexion of the Japanese.