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Hoi An The airports a pleasure. VietJet, organised and to schedule. Our hotel in Hoi An, a bit like a boarding house room, with a fabulous outdoor courtyard under the colourful lanterns that are synonymous with Hoi An.  We opted to stay at the hotel restaurant for a selection from their speciality menu. Everywhere has their own version of spring-rolls. These had ginger, garlic and

Hanoi Too early for the market to be functioning, which was my planned breakfast stop as Terry was heading out for her Street Food tour, while I messed about with paint. That my stomach has decided at this point to rebel, a coincidence. Hopefully the eggs from market shopping don't have chicks in them! We whizzed through the list that Terry had with the various

Plans for the changes to the studio and apartment have been approved by the building aesthetics committee. Structural details next to sort and ideas for the kitchen being discussed with wine fired inspiration. A clearing in the forest. Saturday market, perhaps not all it seems. At first glance, the stalls well laid out, with a section for crafts that entice one to look, even

As is being reported, the levels of violence, even by the craziness we have witnessed over the past few months, is incredibly disturbing and the impact its having on the moral and commitment of my staff is tragic. Groups huddled around the TV waiting for the latest news. Security updates devoured for an indication of what next? 'Train Across the Water', 60cmx30cm, Oil on

Customs Market Oil on Canvas 40cmx30cm Alongside the busses departing for Kampala from Juba, women sit on the edge of the road, their wares spread around them for the inspection of people rushing past. Their vulnerability and bravery, amongst the chaos, were the key elements I wanted to capture, using a small canvas to emphasize the multidimensional constraints. Scarves providing movement and life to the