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Boundless energy released in a spray of sea sand and water. The RAV, an instant sandbox. Legs hammered from the sudden increase in walking demanded to keep Prince from bouncing off the walls. Not quite managing the '30 paintings in 30 days' September challenge, however I did get a few small paintings finished, with help of a puppy in the studio. The 'hose-clamp', google fix

Harbour Town Adventures A hole in the palm of my hand from falling over the gabion as my cycle trashed legs didn't quite coordinate with my brain. An out-of-proportion amount of blood. Thrilled that the painting of 'Joseph Jazz' was selected as a Special Merit Award Winner and 'Sinni' was a winner of an Honourable Mention at the 2016 LST Open Art Exhibition, Florida USA,

  The sky dumping large volumes of water with the first leak in the garage a result. Not surprising. Still a nuisance. With the spring high tides and the swollen rivers, flooding is happening around us that makes our localized wet patch a triviality. Gastronomic delights. The carefree summer of the Mediterranean blended with French culinary skill. Chef's immersed in their ingredients, searching for that

Magic blue tape, and my calf resembling a hedgehog as the Physio does her best to sort my problematic Achilles.  For my painting of a vase of pink flowers and a sugar bowl, I wanted a loose, abstract feel to the painting. The flowers (NERINE bowdenii) are made up of spikes of starry delicate petals. A medium sized canvas (60x90cm) gave me room, without

Sweltering. Trees, gasping at the warm air. Clouds full of mischief. Finished fighting with my painting of the forest, Forest Phantoms. An evening spent looking for the elephants in the painting. Those intended, and those created by our imagination. A bunch of visitors from the vineyards, popping into Knysna from their various holiday destinations. Hesta and William, the roar from the Harley, almost drowned by