Diary of an Adventure

Harbour Town Adventures

Boundless energy released in a spray of sea sand and water. The RAV, an instant sandbox. Legs hammered from the sudden increase in walking demanded to keep Prince from bouncing off the walls.

Not quite managing the ’30 paintings in 30 days’ September challenge, however I did get a few small paintings finished, with help of a puppy in the studio.

The ‘hose-clamp’, google fix for the Weber ash collector seems to have solved the problem. Achieved without blood, quite something. Under a full moon, with hardly any wind, we sat out on the patio for our braai, with a smidgen of delicious Crozes Hermitage.

Phantom cycle after early cappuccino walk, the mist coming off the water and the air full of jasmine scent. A stop at the newly opened Café du Bois (formally Throbb) in Grey Street.

There was a simplistic beauty and freshness to the new exhibition at Avo Pomme. Radically different from the vibrancy and energy of my paintings.

The new works are hints of green on small white canvases against the white walls of the gallery. Minimalist naivety? Bernice did a magnificent job of mirroring the simplicity, different shades of green and sculptural forms of the paintings in her canapés. Artistic brilliance.

Full studio for the Tuesday movie evening. Extra chairs squeezed into random spots that will need to be repeated for the next movie being held to support the Knysna Basin Project.

Diary of an Adventure

Harbour Town Adventures

Harbour Town Adventures
A hole in the palm of my hand from falling over the gabion as my cycle trashed legs didn’t quite coordinate with my brain. An out-of-proportion amount of blood.
Thrilled that the painting of ‘Joseph Jazz’ was selected as a Special Merit Award Winner and ‘Sinni’ was a winner of an Honourable Mention at the 2016 LST Open Art Exhibition, Florida USA, for art of ‘outstanding quality’. Chosen from 654 entries from 20 different countries and 40 different states, it’s the 4th consecutive year that one of my paintings has received an Honourable Mention, and the 9th international award.

In the studio, an exhibition of paintings that focus on ‘Painting with light’ for the movie screening of Turner. Paintings, that dance in sunsets over the lagoon.

‘Feeling the B’, a painting of the ‘Perpetual Blues’ band we watch on a Saturday at Dry Dock. As one of the band members wasn’t playing on the day I took the pictures that formed the reference for the painting, I took the opportunity to do a painting that had a strong positive and negative space, with the temporary singer as a silhouette. The fingers of the guitarist, the focal point. Strong charcoal type lines adding movement and strength.
It’s also the painting I worked on as a demonstration piece in the studio during the Knysna Arts Festival week. Turning the painting upside down during the demonstration wasn’t strictly necessary but good fun. Lively discussions about approach, interpretation and technique. 
The patio garden taking shape with a trough of nandina screening the heat-pump. A standard hibiscus that will hopefully allow the birds to nest in its branches, and a bowl for the reflecting pond, water feature.

Diary of an Adventure

Harbour Town Adventures


The sky dumping large volumes of water with the first leak in the garage a result. Not surprising. Still a nuisance. With the spring high tides and the swollen rivers, flooding is happening around us that makes our localized wet patch a triviality.
Gastronomic delights. The carefree summer of the Mediterranean blended with French culinary skill. Chef’s immersed in their ingredients, searching for that perfect match of flavour, uniqueness, visual feast, complexity and simplicity. Wine pairing, not inconsequential in the menu choice, tempered by seasonal (or what can be found in Knysna’s sometimes limited choices) food availability.
Hirsh spoilt us with a caramalised onion and tomato tart tatin followed by seared calamari, green and black olives and chorizo type sausage with soya and balsamic glazed green beans.
Terry cooked a sugar-cured Chateaubriand, based on the recipe from Le Quartier Francais in Franschhoek, cooked on the Weber, with rich ‘demi-glace’ sauce. Specifically chosen to pair with my birthday Crozes-Hermitage. Roasted peppers stuffed with anchovies and tomatoes. A spoon of goats cheese flavour twist.
Beach walk on a sunny morning between the rain. Spring blossoms in the maze an unexpected joy.
‘Station 12’ my painting from a photo by Berend, of the NSRI boat waiting to pass through the Heads. To highlight the bravery of the NSRI crew, and the enormity of passing into unknown seas and storms, the waters of the lagoon are an unsettled platform. The clouds and seas a maelstrom.
Blossoms.jpgThe days already longer, allowing for earlier walks and late afternoon rides. My bum still settling into the unfamiliar saddle. My coordination tested over storm washed roads. That bothersome Achilles still a limiting factor.
Full house for the Tuesday art movie, with the next screening already booked. Will continue to run them into the Summer and may increase the frequency to weekly if the demand continues.
After the brooding painting of Station 12, a bright, vibrant, fresh painting of a boy and his dog on the beach. Almost abstract in style, it’s a loose energetic painting that feels like it should have been painted on a massive canvas.
Diary of an Adventure

Harbour Town Adventures

Magic blue tape, and my calf resembling a hedgehog as the Physio does her best to sort my problematic Achilles. 

For my painting of a vase of pink flowers and a sugar bowl, I wanted a loose, abstract feel to the painting. The flowers (NERINE bowdenii) are made up of spikes of starry delicate petals. A medium sized canvas (60x90cm) gave me room, without the painting needing to be viewed from across the lagoon. I used a background of predominantly Ultramarine blue, broken with Cobalt blue and permanent madder.

Splotches of paint, sculptured the vase and sugar bowl, with the delicate flowers etched against the blue background. Not quite the Japanese simplicity I was hoping to achieve.

Clare made us a starter from their trip to New York City of dates with almonds and gorgonzola, wrapped in bacon and grilled until crispy. Amazing. 

Pretty run along the Gouna River road, from the Terblans (named for the Terblanz Beech tree) Grootdraai picnic spot, where we met up with Craig who had started some 12km down the road at the Big Tree. The last hill a fair challenge which my Achilles didn’t enjoy.

Portrait of Donavan ‘Storyteller’ handed to him at Easthead on a beautiful day. Thrilled he was.

Between days of sparkling sunshine, storms tear across the lagoon, battering the studio. Windows turned into salt encrusted misery. Such is life at the sea. Cleaning the windows a series of deductive approaches and techniques. Particularly perched on a 6m ladder!

The start of the winter Artist movies in the studio program was well received and the next scheduled movie is almost full. 

Small painting of a rowing boat. Howling winds across the lagoon, toss rowing boats in wild abandon.

Oil on canvas 20cmx20cm

Diary of an Adventure

Leisure Island Adventures

Sweltering. Trees, gasping at the warm air. Clouds full of mischief.

Finished fighting with my painting of the forest, Forest Phantoms. An evening spent looking for the elephants in the painting. Those intended, and those created by our imagination.
A bunch of visitors from the vineyards, popping into Knysna from their various holiday destinations. Hesta and William, the roar from the Harley, almost drowned by our ceaseless chatter. Polly happy to have extra ‘sheep’ for her walks.
Beach sand under our feet at Fresh Line with Ninty.
Basquiat, a movie about Jean-Michel Basquiat, a young American painter in the 80’s. His brief life, fueled by drugs, from obscurity into the world of the New York City famous. i didn’t understand the art, and Terry did better linking the words, taken from his beginnings as a graffiti artist, into his paintings into abstract meanings. The ‘Tyre of Babel’, being one. The rendition of Hallelujah by John Cale at the end was amazing.
A painting of the sea at Springer on the easel. A place to let your imagination ride on the endless swells. Calm. Serene. 

Haven’t sorted the setup for taking high quality pictures of my paintings. Getting everything absolutely square still a bother, which results in smudgy areas on the end points. Colour accuracy has been improved with the lighting, although the White Balance still doesn’t feel correct. 
Blue skies muddled by clouds that threaten to add rain to the morning chill. For now, the walk in the forest was dry. Polly intrigued by the unexpected presence of a cow, focused on the smell of baboon. The climbs tough on her wonky legs

Springer Detail