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Boundless energy released in a spray of sea sand and water. The RAV, an instant sandbox. Legs hammered from the sudden increase in walking demanded to keep Prince from bouncing off the walls. Not quite managing the '30 paintings in 30 days' September challenge, however I did get a few small paintings finished, with help of a puppy in the studio. The 'hose-clamp', google fix

Prince is thrilled with himself, having learned how to open the front door, by bashing the handle down with his paw and using his shoulder to open the door. It does make leaving him alone in the apartment that extra bit trickier.'Across the Generations', a painting of Aunty Helen's and Kelly's hands. Rich Madder red with Ultramarine blue providing the anchor for the

My stomach a tad unhappy with something, made for a slowish jog to East Head. Managed the burger much more easily!   On the easel, the ‘Colourful Story of Leaves’, a large 1,2x1,2 m canvas of the oak tree avenue at La Motte, in their spectacular autumn leaves. A cascade of gold, yellow and orange against blue skies. The crunch of leaves under my feet

  Seductive winter, well sort of, days. Knees that purplish tinge in my shorts, with the studio a tad cooler than being in the sun. ‘Brothers’, painting of the returning boys Odyssey team. A loose approach to the 'Impressionistic Smearing', building tension within the painting, keeping the details to a minimum to reinforce that these are boys in their formative years, as well as the

That spot in the afternoon sunshine at FSC. Cats, or the impression of cats, wonder through the house turning themselves inside-out, before curling up in the shafts of sunlight. Champagne dancing.  Franschhoek, for the Literary Festival. A lunch stop at the Tuk Tuk Microbrewery. Tapas, those tiny excuses for food that leave you hunting for a pizza delivery. That said, the variety of Mexican

Harbour Town vibrating under the pounding of running shoes. Marathon day, calm and sunny. My legs happy to be out walking after a gentle run out to Leisure with Craig and Daz, finishing with a swim and breakfast at East Head. David and Heather visiting for the week bringing new energy and questions into the studio, as they have started to use oils for

Kite surfers dance in the wind. The yellow in the studio banner, perfect against the sea of yellow daisies, behind which the water of the lagoon, a silver mirror in the sunlight. The Lotus Grill had it's first outing on the patio. Not quite as smokeless as the blurb would have it, and it takes more that ten minutes to reach cooking temperature. I

Oil on Canvas 40cmx50cm This will be our view from the studio apartment in Knysna. I didn't want to paint the predictable 'pretty' yachts. There are enough of those sort of paintings around this place. The line of yachts reminded me of elephants crossing the Chobe River in Botswana. A hint of turquoise and a spot of Van Gogh red

Tea Time Oil on Canvas 40cmx30cm (Available) Waxbills and Red Bishop birds are companions on my jog around Juba3. Seeing Alison's great photo of waxbills I decided to do a painting. Not that I have ever painted birds before! After a massive fight, with feathers everywhere, a painting asserted itself.