Diary of an Adventure

Harbour Town Adventures

A bit of fun with the underpainting of the portrait using both hands to cover the area as quickly as possible. Without creating a mess, the real challenge.


French country pate and red wine for lunch, after spending the morning messing about with paint.

Cosmos flowers, one of those subjects not to touch. Partly as there are a gazillion paintings depicting cosmos, and partly as they are an autumn flower that don’t occur on the Garden Route. However, stopping at Delish in Heidelberg, there was a bank of pink cosmos flowers, full of happiness that screamed to be put onto canvas.
An abstract approach with an underpainting based on Monet’s ‘The path through the Irises’ (My canvas of 50cmx60cm nothing like Monet’s monumental 1,8mx2m work) of different layers of Naples yellow, raw Sienna, gold oxide, and hints of crimson and cadmium yellow. For the wispy leaves of the cosmos plants, an intense green mixed from French lemon yellow and cobalt blue was applied in short dashes. Turquoise and cerulean blue the darker stems.
Managed to cut my thumb on a sharp knife, which isn’t anything spectacular or surprising. A nuisance!
Tanzania Exhibition.jpg
In the studio, my paintings from Tanzania are up for the first time as a collection. The paintings are full of mystery and vibrancy that somehow transcend the emotional strain I was under while there.
NSRI Station 12.jpgCrew training evening at National Sea Rescue, Station 12, to hand over the painting I did for their 50th commemorations. The painting itself is dark and brooding with big skies and seas swamping the small red rescue craft. Fortunately the seas were only marginally lumpy and warm for the training exercise, as we were soaked by the wash of the boats as they did a high speed crew transfer.
Inspiration, a collection of the photos and the fabulous article     http://www.backroadtours.co.za/product/not-so-secret-kenton/
  from our Kenton Adventure, for my next portrait painting of the guitarist outside the Wharf Street Brew Pub in Port Alfred.
Diary of an Adventure

Harbour Town Adventures

Tummy Roll

Oil on Canvas 76cmx102cm

My cycle was a tad adventurous with baboons all over the red-bridge. A few moved out the way, while the rest seemed content to watch me pass below where they were sitting on the top of the structure, and even those on the side seemed nonplussed. Think my time along the single-track was a personal best! Heading up towards Phantom, there was a bang from the back wheel. I thought I had hit something, however it was a broken spoke. Slow ride back to Bespoked.

Yacht Club seemed like a good spot to watch the sunset and get something to eat. It was beautiful, if somewhat noisier than I expected. The reflections in the water, magical.

Stopped messing about with the portrait of the young dancer. The bottom part of the painting a tad bothersome. An artist from Canada stopped past the studio to watch me work. He suggested that I should try using ‘stand-oil’ over my completed portraits to bring increased focused to the area of the face.

With the weather closing in I moved paintings about the place, bringing out a different collection. Not sure why so much blood should have been involved!

Short jog along the cobbled path before heading to Hugh and Clare for dinner. My Achilles still a tad sensitive after the long run on Monday. No magic blue tape needed though.

Their menu, from the Spring Taste magazine, delicious. A tuna and avo, ‘kikkoman poke bowl’, main course after a artichoke-and-olive bake starter (Hugh’s work), served with an unusual Sauvignon Blanc from Fryers Cove. Excellent. Grilled halloumi and tomato salad with blueberries squeezed in after the starter. Strawberry butter biscuits with that last glass of wine before rushing to get through the curfew gate.

img_3252Donations at the Tuesday movies raised R1,675.00 for KAWS.