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Sunrise, seagulls and bicycles. Polly awake early for the last day of the GR300 MTB race that came past the studio at the start and finish. With a couple of the small paintings sold, I need to get disciplined about doing a bunch more. Met a few interesting characters around town for possible portraits. Anton, the pirate, who caretakers a small school that is run

I have added a new Album to my On Line Gallery with paintings of my elephants that are still available.   With the forest elephants in Knysna, it seemed appropriate to bring out the herds, and the special pace they have in my life. Painted in Botswana and Tanzania, they provided hours of entertainment, observing their antics. At full moon the elephant bulls have moved back into

Braai time in the vineyards. Gentle sunset. Faint stirring of the trees. Seductive.Mum sounded much better, after hurting her back in the shower, to go with her fractured pelvis and torn hip ligaments. Going to be awhile before she is moving about freely.The River Nile in South Sudan is the most neglected development issue. Particularly given the useless road system and high cost

An exhibition at the cottage of the paintings I did in the Thirty Day challenge. The curved, white bench seat making a perfect exhibition space. Dinner with Mum at the Manor House, transformed with stunning black and white photographs on the walls of life on the Zevenwacht Estate. The high ceilings give them room to breath, and intrigue dinners. Fermenting grape skins, discards from

A collage of the thirty paintings that I did in the thirty days of January. The paintings are of our everyday lives in the vineyards. A celebration of beauty, so at odds with the demanding years in South Sudan. I will continue to paint these small canvases, for the pleasure they bring, and spend more time capturing illustrations in charcoal. I have made the small paintings

We are locked down in Juba Town as the military have sealed the town searching for weapons. Only a bother in that I have staff in hotels who may be vulnerable. It does mean that I'm forced to mess about with paint, which isn't the worst thing to be doing on a Saturday. My portrait, 'Leader of the Pack'. Amongst the wheelbarrow boys