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‘Poppies and olives’Oil on board 220cmx92cm Painted in 2002, a client resale in the studio Something magical about a road-trip in the early morning, as the sun begins it's journey. Even without coffee to start the day, as load-shedding impacts our lives. Driving three hours for a dinner may seem a tad excessive. However, the dining experience at La Sosta in Swellendam is unbelievable and should

Fires raging, turning the skies into apocalypse 'Turner' sort of sunsets.   The first of the photo-books of paintings (Afghanistan) that are still available for sale has been printed. The quality better than expected and certainly something to be completed for the other countries and painting collections. For now, my life is controlled by the arc of a pendulum encased in the Viennese Regulator that

Time-lapse video of my 'Finger Painting' painting technique. Pink face. Beach bar look without sunscreen. Turquoise waters sparkling in the sunshine. Idyllic summer days. Conquering the corrugations. Speed definitely helping to reduce the wrist, and bum, jarring. Especially after that extra bottle of red wine! Soft sand, strategically positioned to ensure heart stopping, out of control, panic, with only empty space beyond the trail edge.