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Phantom Pass, famous for its legend surrounding the death at the top of the pass of the Italian heroin, Victoria Esposity, and her horse by lightning while on route to try and get permission to transport prospective silk farmers on a ship back to England.  An enjoyable cycle that had me short of breath and exposed the flaws in my bicycle skills, as I

One of those cold, clear, nights, where the full moon lights the sky. The roaring of the surf through the Heads, amplified by the stillness. Even a heartbeat, seems to be paused. However, that could be the last of the bottle of red wine?? Freshline. Blue skies broken by multicolored fishing nets. Sun warming out backs. Feet in the sea sand, in which Polly

An exhibition at the cottage of the paintings I did in the Thirty Day challenge. The curved, white bench seat making a perfect exhibition space. Dinner with Mum at the Manor House, transformed with stunning black and white photographs on the walls of life on the Zevenwacht Estate. The high ceilings give them room to breath, and intrigue dinners. Fermenting grape skins, discards from