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INSIDE DEVELOPMENT Jan Raats, country director of the United Nations Office for Project Services's South Sudan Operations Center shares what it's like working in South Sudan. South Sudan isn’t just the youngest nation on the planet, it also remains plagued by conflict and a lack of infrastructure and basic resources. Aid organizations have been rushing in over the past year to fill the void, only

Dark skies, humid and hot. My body searching for breeze either from a fan, and air conditioner or the wind. The change from Copenhagen winter to the tropics, blown out of proportion by whatever bug is in my system. Juba feels like its holding its breath as the treason trial gets underway, and there are few smiles. The centre of the town is

Juba Adventures 18 Jan 13 Dinner of left over terrine and pineapple from a lady who was selling sliced, peeled, pineapple from her barrow on the corner. The slices cost almost nothing, which makes me a tad embarrassed about how much my bottle of wine costs and how many slices of pineapple she would need to sell to pay for it. I did give her