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Oil on Canvas 70cmx110cm Available for Sale $1,500 excluding courier fees The old ship bollard on the jetty at Thesen Island was the focus of my painting, 'The Light in Between'. Yachts at anchor against stormy skies. I used three main mixes for the painting. Permanent Magenta (Daler-Rowney) and Ultramarine Blue (Malmeri) Burnt Sienna, Cobalt Blue (Lucas) and Permanent Magenta. And, a mix of Indian Yellow

Dark skies, humid and hot. My body searching for breeze either from a fan, and air conditioner or the wind. The change from Copenhagen winter to the tropics, blown out of proportion by whatever bug is in my system. Juba feels like its holding its breath as the treason trial gets underway, and there are few smiles. The centre of the town is

Atoc Oil on Linen 35cmx50cm Juba Town traffic more frenetic than usual, with outrageous driving maneuvers, bordering on the terrifying. Guess its a numbers game and I finally connected the wing mirror of my car on another wing mirror of a guy who had parked his car half into the street, while I tried to dodge a boda boda. We had an engineer, seconded to us