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Lagoon full of sails, kite surfers cross the wake of ski boats. The waters a smidgen warmer as the wind settles into its summer pattern. Eerily still in the morning, before throwing an after lunch tantrum. The easel outside the studio anchored against the unpredictable tempests. Holidays. Dirty fingers across windows. Dog land mines. The studio busy with artists, tourists and other interested types. Terry

Karoo Cottage Sold A glass of wine watching the lightning over the lagoon. Polly very unhappy.  Owls calling across the estuary, with the last of the sunset turning the clouds from golds to red. The two juveniles calling for their parents? The few drops of rain settling the garden that has been planted under the trees in the studio parking area after sorting the paving. A couple

A   short walk in the forest at the Garden of Eden, before walking around the East Head rocks on a stunning morning.  Kirsten suggested that I look at the work of Elaine de Kooning. Particularly, her portrait work, which was opportune as I started work on a portrait of Sinni, one of the homeless guys we pass on our way for our morning cappuccino. His hat,

Merry and peaceful Christmas to all. Phosphorous waves at sunset out in the lagoon, from the red-tide that has swept down the coast, creating mayhem for the shellfish industry. Weather stunning for the mile swim (I didn't swim) and the Blues Festival at Mitchell's brewery. Guess I shouldn't have expected the wine, at a brewery, to be anything other than subnormal, however, it was the

Brilliant yellow, on spikes of grey-green lining the road to Boggomsbaai. The sound of waves, pounding the shore. Rhythmical. Sensual. Foot prints, as transitory as the land-art in my mind. A tad too much red wine with an excellent peri-peri chicken, Koos cooked, that removed the top of your head with its subtly building heat. Boring, it was not! Polly's tail feathers flecked with white from the

The tide has turned and our furniture and bits (far too many) have been moved (efficiently and quickly) from Leisure Island to Thesen Island. For now, we straddle both islands as the staircase at the apartment isn't finished and the rails around the patios still need to be painted and strung with their stainless steel wires. Rain pouring. One part of the studio turned

Mum here for the week, forcing us to move beyond the confines of Knysna. Scones at the Plettenberg watching the endless waves, looking for whales. A bunch of yellow paint getting everywhere. Doesn't quite explain how my hand managed to get full of blue paint! 'Dogs Life' (From a photo by Berend) Oil on Canvas 76cmx101cm. I wanted to catch the movement of the dogs with