Diary of an Adventure

Harbour Town Adventures

Lagoon full of sails, kite surfers cross the wake of ski boats. The waters a smidgen warmer as the wind settles into its summer pattern. Eerily still in the morning, before throwing an after lunch tantrum. The easel outside the studio anchored against the unpredictable tempests.

Holidays. Dirty fingers across windows. Dog land mines. The studio busy with artists, tourists and other interested types.

Terry delivered the painting at the airport, to its new owners for their trip home to the Netherlands. Safe arrival, without mishap.
A fair bit of blood as my bike handling skills and coordination didn’t quite meet the trail requirements. My stomach muscles suffering over the bumpy road up Phantom Pass. 

A couple of small paintings of sunbirds finished, as well as small elephant paintings. Finally completed the painting ‘Amongst the flowers’ from a photo of Hirsh, that captured the wonder of the flowers in Namaqualand.

I did a grey and green underpainting, which seemed to take ages to dry. Rapid strokes for the dashes of paint for the flowers.
Fabulous meal at KKB, with the trio of desserts the standout dish. The gurnard starter was excellent and there was nothing wrong with the lamb main course. Delicious, and interesting appetisers, with a bobotie filled vetkoek and Caprese polenta. The wine pairings from Creation did little to enhance the meal. While excellent, the smidgeon in the bottom of each glass didn’t allow for any sort of enjoyment or reflection. Glad we took a strategic stock with us so the evening wasn’t wrecked.
The patio garden, moving from concept to reality, as summer life on the patio takes shape. A visit to the stunning Prêt-à-Pot, at Old Nicks in Plet filled the RAV with the first pots. Fortunately, from the sale and discarded section. 
They are stunning glazed pots that balance the simplicity of the studio apartment, with the Japanese style garden I’m striving for, using the coral trees as a key feature. The pots are filled with a third crushed plastic bottles, to reduce the weight of the soil, while ensuring drainage.

Diary of an Adventure

Harbour Town Adventures

A couple of small paintings to increase stock levels after a spate of sales in the studio. Which has also seen new group visits, personalized tours and interest from those passing. Painting of ‘Narine Vase’, ‘Sunbird’, ‘Sunbird and protea’, and ‘Elephant at play’, sold.
Logistical hassles of getting the painting of the ‘Sunbird’ to Cape Town to be checked in on the flight to Amsterdam. Solved with help from friends and Terry willing to deliver it. 
Pancakes on a day full of rain that didn’t stop a visit to the Hakerville Market. I thought the rain and fewer people might bring the other market, full of pixies and forest fairies, more into the open. However, it only felt damp and forlorn. Even the pancakes felt rushed and sticky, rather than joyful.
Fortunately the sun came out for the ending of the Karoo-Coast cycle event and we could watch the winners in comfort. Even the pancakes were better!
Trail walk through coastal forest and dune fynbos alongside the Goukama River. The ferry, great fun of a tad tiring. The walking easy, if strenuous in the soft beach sand. A floral wonderland. Certainly a challenge for the troublesome Achilles. Pizza and a bit of wine at the River Deck a great way to finish.
My bum feeling the effects of riding Craig’s hardtail mountain bicycle up Phantom Pass. It’s racing pedigree exacerbating my poor handling skills over the bumps and through the twists. Unaccustomed muscles stiff from the abuse.
Adrenaline fueled cappuccino on the deck at ‘View’ overlooking the beach, a gazillion steps below our chairs. Paraglider’s unscrambling lines, before taking those first out-of-control steps out over the void. Heart stopping seconds, before the soaring wonder of flight.
Afternoon Walk

Oil on canvas 20cmx20cm


Oil on canvas 20cmx20cm

Messing About with Paint


Oil on Canvas 120cmx90cm

Wildflowers at Steenbok Park my painting on the easel. Striving for an abstract approach that keeps getting bogged down in the detail of the flowers. I wanted to allow plenty of room for the flowers against an ’empty’ canvas. 

The yellow flowers were distracting, so I simplified the composition to the architectural spires of orange wild tobacco bush, with the pink of katterkruie.

A few jabs of pain to to create a double collared sunbird to sharpen the focal point of the painting. Particularly as the wild dagga is one of their favorite flowers.

‘Sunbird’ Detail