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Sky growling. Lightning in joyful abandon. Rain on the iron roof. Air flavored with freshness. Sheets in the wash as I managed to catch my finger on a staple that was sticking out of the mattress somewhere. The amount of blood disproportionate to the cut. Somehow, I need to settle my restless mind and sleep before another demanding day, where I have staff who

Oil on canvas 40cmx30cm A sky of ultramarine blue, shot through with carmine and Indian yellow sunset clouds. The beauty of nature so at odds with the daily drama. The influence for a small painting of a brooding, cloudy sky full of mystery. Probably a tad more of an Old Testament feel about it, than the light Impressionist style I'm comfortable with.

Oil on Canvas 60cmx50cm Each morning, they move the cattle out from their evening stockade alongside the main soccer stadium, to their pastures along the river bank. I wanted to capture the fiery sunrises we are getting in Juba at the moment, as well as the uniqueness and central role that cattle play in the life of the South Sudanese. Hence I kept the

Oil on Canvas 40cmx30cm A painting of huts on the easel that reminds me of Monet's haystacks. It started out as huts against the skyline. Empty of life. The earth scorched by the sun. Echoing the hopeless consequence of war. Watching the sunrise, full of promise, drums and singing from where the IDP's are corralled, the painting took on a different life. Detail