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Detail from my painting ‘Fish Market’ Oil on cotton 150cmx50cm Hanging in Mum’s house. The glories of a mature Highveld garden, with trees offering shade from the fierce summer sun. A garden where delicate white Japanese Anemone blossoms sparkle against green and grey foliage. Rumbling thunderstorms, overlying the birdsong of wood hoopoe trying to make a hole in the nesting log. Barbets, red chested woodpeckers, grey

George to collect Kirsten who is here for the week. Hesta and William arrived for a weekend of fun. Pink face from watching the arrival of the Karoo-Coast MTB race. Hot enough to make a beer seem like a good idea. The taste less so. We stopped at Timber Lake, a collection of quirky shops and restaurants, tucked into the edge of the forest,

I have added a new Album to my On Line Gallery with paintings of my elephants that are still available.   With the forest elephants in Knysna, it seemed appropriate to bring out the herds, and the special pace they have in my life. Painted in Botswana and Tanzania, they provided hours of entertainment, observing their antics. At full moon the elephant bulls have moved back into

Oil on Canvas 120cmx91cmElephants in Ruha, Tanzania.I first painted this in 2011, however during its transporting from Tanzania is was badly damaged. With the pending move to Knysna, I didn't want to pack the damaged painting, rather deciding to do it again.

Oil on Canvas 40cm x30cm From a photo by Takeshi Akamatsu. World Cup soccer final day seemed an appropriate time for a small painting of South Sudan kids playing the 'Beautiful Game' in the dusty streets of Juba Town. The coiled action of the shooter. Balanced perfection. The goal keep, a looming presence emphasized by the impossibly tall people of South Sudan. Over the years there

Alongside the Great Ruaha River, which winds through the Southern Highlands of Tanzania, is an ancient baobab tree. It isn’t the largest baobab tree, and from its size one would think that it was only a few thousand years old, rather then the hundreds of thousands of its true age. Around it are larger trees. Spreading acacia’s with their delicate leaves much favoured