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Oil on Canvas 60cmx50cm Sunday in a park, Tokyo, Japan After a discussion on portrait painting, I used Green Oxide for the shadows, rather than the blue I would have normally used. It opened a range of other colours which worked well with the pale complexion of the Japanese.

Senses reel. Ears assaulted by amplified, sing-song advertising. Eyes dazzled by neon signs, primary colour advertising, walking stick handles in sparkling crystals supporting bowed over ancients. Incense, jasmine and even cleanliness, the smell of Tokyo. Have to love the spectacle 'cleaning bath' outside the optometrist! Extra special after Juba dust. Our Japanese secret weapon, Chiba, was waiting when we came through customs at

Takewaka, Spice 2 building, Metropolitan Ave, Ikebukuro, Tokyo An amazing meal of sushi, seaweed, tempura veggies and a fried chicken dish. The food was presented like a small Japanese garden and tasted incredible. From a root, type thing, our attentive waitress made us fresh wasabi, which doesn't taste anything like the tube stuff. It's still green, but rather than a uniform grunge colour, its