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That spot in the afternoon sunshine at FSC. Cats, or the impression of cats, wonder through the house turning themselves inside-out, before curling up in the shafts of sunlight. Champagne dancing.  Franschhoek, for the Literary Festival. A lunch stop at the Tuk Tuk Microbrewery. Tapas, those tiny excuses for food that leave you hunting for a pizza delivery. That said, the variety of Mexican

Sunrise through the mist, chimneys of steam, shadows of a past age. The glint of the high speed Gautrain. A Turner painting, in another age.  Gautrain, a fabulous way to travel and certainly a stress free way of getting to the Vietnam Embassy in Hatfield for our visas. The staff were friendly, helpful and efficient. A row of derelict shops, festooned with weary 'To-Let' signs,

Sunshine Coast. Leg and bum muscles complaining their abusive treatment as we make the most of the pristine beaches that stretch to the end of the world. The sea gentle and cool enough to bring relief to sweating bodies. Even my skin has a sort of golden, beach holiday, sheen to it. It was the moons fault. Evaporating my wine. The bright light ensuring

After a couple of gentle cycles, I headed out on Hirsh's route. Simola as a starter with the Gouna Pass as desert and a nasty climb towards Kom se Pad in between. Exhausting. A tad much for my fitness levels. Made enjoyable by the beautiful forest after the rain. That the last bit is downhill certainly helps. Ashton, outside the Route 62 Station where

Thrilled with the Honourable Mention received at the 2016 London International Creative Competition for the 'Homeless of Knysna' series of portraits I have been painting. The focus, imparting, that while they are homeless they still have dignity, with their unique stories captured in each composition. First light found us zooming to Cape Town airport to get a painting to its new owners for their flight

Terry on her way to France to see Aly and Eugene. Super-moon high tide causing havoc with the nesting oyster catches. Isolated as the storm tossed waves swamp their nests perched on tufts of reeds. Jog after a day of storms meant that I had plenty of puddles to stomp through. The magic blue tape making a reappearance as my Achilles is a tad unhappy.

  Roger here from Switzerland and Dad and Mary down from Montagu for a family get together in Wilderness. The house in the nature reserve well appointed and spacious. The covered braai area perfect in the damp weather. Pharaoh gallery, the paintings humming with energy from the walls. Bold sweeping strokes from the pallet knife on the large canvases, applied with precision, create minimalist portraits

  Stanford is a pretty village that consists of a few blocks of unpaved roads around the cricket oval, bounded by the river and the national coast road. Many of the Victorian houses have been refurbished into designer weekend cottages. Amongst which, are the unkept like poor relations, or those who clinging to 'originality', like a moth-eaten sweater. A fire welcomed us out of the

Lots and lots and lots of wine with Craig and the other Forest Marathon survivors, on a spectacular day, made for one of Coreta's braai feasts. Managed a 8km walk without to much squeaking from my Achilles. Wine the secret??:)  I'm now the proud owner of a pair of funky running shorts. No chance of ever being missed again. A couple of small paintings finished,

There is something personal about Mountain Zebra. It doesn't have the freneticness of larger parks and there is a quiet gentleness to being held in the cupped palm formed by the mountains. The scenery is beautiful. With an abundance of flowering plants. Mauve Wild Iris and white Erica's. Reeds tipped with delicate blue. Mountains of polished boulders, under wide blue skies. Watching a bunch of