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Slightly desperate, it still exudes a frontier mentality. The maintenance being done on the national road (with a high percentage of female employment), and the wind farms generating power, giving some assurance that development is happening. Stunning architecture, struggling against a tide of poverty. No charismatic charm of some Karoo towns and villages, this is where it gets real.  Frontier real. Our history entwined in two rows

'Don't spend time and energy fretting about the monsters in your head. Start a new painting and you will have a whole collection of new monsters!' Blue skies, the waters of the lagoon sparkling under summer sun. Yachts hardly moving in the gentle breeze. This, the view from the studio windows and my painting, 'Summer Fun'. Influenced by John Henry Twatchman, the painting pushing

A sky of orange, sun setting, darkness punctuated with fires. The other world, as the plane touched down, people frenetic to reach the next action item. My shorts in sharp contrast to the smartly dressed important people. Bird calls. Early morning. Still. Burble of chatter and the sound of running shoes striking the road. Breath vapours in the cool air. Cold hands. Aching legs

On the way back to UN House, we passed a couple of big white Land Cruisers decorated with purple and silver ribbons, carrying a bride. A surprise around every corner. Renewed fighting up North which isn't unexpected and soldiers back around the Presidents house. Fortunately we can take other routes to bypass where they are. We celebrated Eddie's Mum, daughter and brothers birthday with shortbread

Traveling together Means  Early wake-ups In different cities In opposite climates Of  Africa Traveling together  Means Different airports Altered time zones and Biorhythms  Of Being  Traveling together Means Anxious check-ins Revised itineraries  With separate seating On Random airlines Traveling together Means Familiar lounges Separate experiences (Mostly) predictable procedures In Different airports Traveling together Means Scrambled schedules Impromptu rearrangement Flexible emotions And Optimistic boarding Traveling together Means Midnight meet-ups Single glasses  Of airborne wine And Out-of-time reunions Traveling together United  In our destination Separately in sync We board Our Different planes Terry Ellen 27 August 2014

Attitude. Flavour. Colour. Attitude. Style. Fashion. Attitude. Italy. Within the first fifteen minutes of the four hour train journey to Turin, I had managed to cause and incident with two old Italian women (correct seats, wrong carriage), an Australian couple (correct seats, correct carriage. But they had been bumped from the earlier strike affected train). Knocked over my red wine so it splashed the

Listening to the unfamiliar sounds of the city waking, against a background of chirping birds. Street sweepers. Suitcase wheels bouncing over cobbles. Traffic. Hooters and the occasional voice raised in anger, or appreciation. Homeless occupying benches and doorways. Unexpected. People frozen in front of static electronic train schedules. Strike, causing mayhem and anxiety. Fields of gold and green, with the occasional burst of colour

Long night with the team, being available to talk. Endless wait in Entebbe for the flight and then total chaos at Juba Airport. No aggression. Simply chaotic as luggage from the arriving flights was stacked in mounds where it was impossible to get to between the crush of people, customs inspectors and the great big X-Ray machine that wasn't working. The sun blocked

The cycle in the Village has turned, and we have fresh table cloths - red - at the Patisserie where we have our morning coffee and more-ish croissants. The baker greets us as he leaves with his baskets of baguettes and we (Hesta, Terry and Kirsten, that is) are invited for cafe at the Chateau Bar. The team that vacuums the piles of

Marsanne L'Hôtel*** du Domaine de la Vivande Yellow sunflower fields, and blue skies. Pale stone houses, terra-cotta roof tiles and shutters of lavender. Picture perfect. For now, the wind is no more than a murmour in the absolute quiet of the country side. A long table in the shade of the oak trees, our lunch table that consumed vast amounts of wine to accompany the