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Review of the studio'Obsessed with this gallery. The man with the yellow shirt is the artist and the paintings are done with his magical fingers. I bought a postcard printed with his paintings to support him It's been like he was living in his gallery' The Forest is asleep. An unnatural quiet. Drought. Sun relentless. Tentative shoots after the last rain, crisped. Fungus dried

Being on the down-slope side of a corner, which is also the edge of the mountain slope is not a good place to be. Especially with loose sand and stones! The cycle up Simola and along the contours a tad beyond my bicycle handling, and fitness ability. I did weave across the road to get some king of momentum up the Simola climb. My

Stunning sunset walk. Polly looking for mischief. Lines on canvas. The forest. With elephants trashing loggers equipment, it seemed appropriate to have an elephant in my painting. Or rather, the semblance of one. A bit of a struggle with what appeared to be a lifeless mass of paint on the canvas. As it has for hundreds of years, on the main road through Knysna, the

Surf breaking across the entrance to the heads. Sunrise and sunset beach walks. The wind chilly. Distant snow on the mountains. A Moment in Time. Oil on Canvas 70cmx101cm. A painting of the Heads in Knysna. The cloud formations reminded me of a ship and in painting them, I decided I liked the idea of a sailing ship entering through the Heads. I have

An early walk in the vineyards, still cool after the rain. My bum complaining on the hills. A newspapers, coffee shops, sushi sort of morning in Stellies, with the odd walk to get bits for the dinner menu to be cooked on the Weber. Duck breast, with brandy and orange sauce, and a grilled beetroot and goats milk cheese salad planned. Singed eyebrows as

Moles driving me scatty, doing their best to destroy the cottage garden. Would think it would be easy to find the tunnels of something that makes mounds the size of small hills. Misty walk in the vineyards. Eerily quiet after the wind of the past few days, an express train hurtling through the trees. My mind churning over ideas for paintings, responses to job

Gentle walk, on a misty day in the vineyards. Legs still a tad wobbly from our walk up the mountain. Polly full of energy. The grapes, in the vineyards, turning purple. Still terribly sour. Lesa visit in for a few days which gave us the excuse to head out to Stellenbosch to walk around the sculpture exhibition. Draw pictures on the tables at

Hidden in the folds of the Groenland mountains above Elgin, the mist parts enough to allow you to enter into another world. Fresh, at Paul Cluver, is a small restaurant with a menu crafted around the three core elements of Chef Niki Hall-Jones philosophy. Simplicity, Seasonal and Sustainable. The food was very good, the service excellent and if we hadn't needed to drive

Dew drops glistening in the morning sunshine. First rays of sunshine waking the silent forest. Flowers of gold. Rivers of silver foliage. Above Simola, the contour path allows for easy walking, restricted by our unfamiliarity of the routes and legs unaccustomed to the hills. Alongside the Old Cape Road, tin houses merge into the forest. Infused by the shadows of elephants. Paintings waiting. Breakfast at