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For Spring 2016, surround yourself in colours full of the energy of a new season. Flora, the Roman goddess of flowering plants, was depicted wearing light spring clothing, holding small bouquets of flowers, sometimes crowned with blossoms. Ovid identifies Her with the Greek flower-nymph Chloris, whose name means "yellow or pale green", the colour of Spring. Step into a magical wonderland of Impressionist flowers, one

Oil on Canvas 124cm x 91cm Indigenous Erica's growing at J9, with a touch of artistic license. The painting has a strong masculine left, with a gentler feminine right has side. The red flowers, smaller to balance the dominant colour, especially with the orange gold underpainting. Pink Erica flowers gentler against the softer pastel like green and blues. I used stronger pink sections to link

Oil on Canvas 91cmx122cm A series of vertical lines falling down the large canvas in a drunken stagger. An article on Colour and Composition, notes that horizontal lines suggest peace and tranquility, while vertical lines inflect the painting with strength, courage and authority. The diagonal line of the pathway adding depth, reinforced by the yellow flowers. The flowers within the forest walks have been a revelation.

SSOC braai at Juba 3 Security issues that have dominated the past weeks, replaced by people issues. Staff stranded in various parts of the globe after having documents and money stolen. One of the engineers admitted to the UNMISS clinic in Malakal with suspected heart problems and unfortunately not recovering. Special flight organized to get his body back to Juba and get