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The last of summer afternoon jazz at Blend. Bougainvillea flowers sparkling in the sunshine. The cool wind kept away from the cozy seating by the screen of trees and the pizza oven. Oyster Catchers preening in the morning light. The wet beach sand a mirror for their 'runway' strutting. Feet a tad frozen on the cold beach sand. Hopefully there are not too many gaps

  Small painting of the Knysna Seahorses heading to its new home. Chocolate Easter egg and red wine in a spot of sunshine, hiding from the wind that carries the cold of snow on the mountains. My portrait of the 'Herdsman' not behaving. Colours that shade of muddy, without the lightness I was looking for. Giving it that overworked, flat look, rather than being fresh and

A still evening after a few days of storms, including lightning and thunder as the gods threw a hissy. The rain ensuring that I had puddles to splash through on my jog.  Bouquet garni, with herbs from the small patio garden pots, for the lamb shanks in anticipation of cold, rainy weather. Red onions with Gorgonzola cheese and broccoli. Crôzes-Hermitage from the cellar at

Golden sunsets. A chill to the air. Heralding a hint of summers end. The wind, exhausted by summer. Content to rest early. Red wine and pizza. The fire stirring.  But for now, it has a bird trapped behind the glass. Yelling it's indigence when the door is opened and it flits to freedom. Perhaps a nest in the chimney, not the best idea? The climb

The combination of an oxygen high at first light dashing through the forest, combined with the smell of freshly cut pine and red wine still pumping through your veins must be close to the 'Exilir of Life.'  On a perfect evening the 'Open Studio' brought a bunch of new people to the studio, with lively discussion on technique, subject matter, material and the dichotomy

Friday Market. Flavoursome, spicy curry with a fabulous chocolate roulade starter.  Blood. Seemingly a standard at the end of each ride. The bouncing across corrugated roads throwing my feet from the pedals. Sudden stops caused by that unexpected rocky incline and the wrong gear selection. Loosing concentration at the end of a ride while parking the bike. A gazillion reasons that have me searching

After a couple of gentle cycles, I headed out on Hirsh's route. Simola as a starter with the Gouna Pass as desert and a nasty climb towards Kom se Pad in between. Exhausting. A tad much for my fitness levels. Made enjoyable by the beautiful forest after the rain. That the last bit is downhill certainly helps. Ashton, outside the Route 62 Station where

Waking to the ringing of church bells, after the evening call to prayer ended the day. Soulful comfort carried on the wind lowing out of clear skies. Our Airbnb accommodation in Fishhoek, spotless and comfortable. Within easy walking distance of the beach and a short commute to Lesa and Alan's new home in Kommetjie. Special times, particularly with the changes ahead. Kalkbay. Unexpected installation art

Squeezed between 'Very Sexy' and 'Nudity', was 'S&M'! Such, the wines of our Shiraz tasting, on a long hot summer day, with a cooling breeze. Exactly, the conditions for savoury, rich, intoxicating Shiraz. Spicy pulled-pork, served with gnocchi and an avo, salsa salad, the carefully thought out meal from Suyenne. While at the Kleine Zaltze family reserve was the star, the Very

Portrait of 'The Fisherman’ finished. Tossed on the sea of life. His hoody, a halo of protection, insulating him. Retreating into the anonymity of its darkness. Within which his eyes stare unwaveringly at the hostile environment within which the homeless exist. Raw Sienna mixed with rose and a touch of Naples yellow gold as the base colour for the portrait, with shades of Indian