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Oil on Canvas 60cmx90cm The canvas confronts me. Already, my mind has etched a picture into its fabric. How it emerges, however, is still debatable?  There is a repetition of what I have done before.  Smudged by frustration to do better.  To go beyond what has become the norm.  For now. I have taken those first tentative steps, that could lead to the predictable.  Or they could.  Move to something

Plans for the changes to the studio and apartment have been approved by the building aesthetics committee. Structural details next to sort and ideas for the kitchen being discussed with wine fired inspiration. A clearing in the forest. Saturday market, perhaps not all it seems. At first glance, the stalls well laid out, with a section for crafts that entice one to look, even

Oil on Canvas 70cmx110cm Available for Sale $1,500 excluding courier fees The old ship bollard on the jetty at Thesen Island was the focus of my painting, 'The Light in Between'. Yachts at anchor against stormy skies. I used three main mixes for the painting. Permanent Magenta (Daler-Rowney) and Ultramarine Blue (Malmeri) Burnt Sienna, Cobalt Blue (Lucas) and Permanent Magenta. And, a mix of Indian Yellow

Oil on Canvas 40cmx50cm This will be our view from the studio apartment in Knysna. I didn't want to paint the predictable 'pretty' yachts. There are enough of those sort of paintings around this place. The line of yachts reminded me of elephants crossing the Chobe River in Botswana. A hint of turquoise and a spot of Van Gogh red