TH 1
  -  TH 1

Acrylic on Paper 30cmx23cm

Available for Sale $550.00 (Including Shipping)


For my ’Rothko’ inspired painting, who is renowned for his abstract rectangles of colour that comprised multiple layers of thin paint washes, I took inspiration from the industrial steel structure of the uncompleted building next to the studio.
I’m sure Rothko would be furious that representational forms are being used as inspiration, however whether it’s a thought, an experience, environment or an object, there is something that inspires every work.
Working in acrylics, I started with a Cobalt Blue wash, as the sky behind the painting was blue, and the steel structure has blue elements. The 380gram paper didn’t like the high volume of water of the first coat and I needed to clamp it down while the paint dried. Red brickwork, yellow autumn leaves, grey concrete, orange hazard nets and white conduit the palette, effected in multiple layers of glaze.
Might have ruined the ’floating’ rectangles in space with the two vertical lines!
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