-  Tlotlo

Oil on canvas 102cmx76cm

Available for sale $5,500.00

The light, reminiscent of a Rembrandt portrait. The composition gave me a tough time as it didn’t seem to sit comfortably on the canvas. I changed the orientation of the painting to give the portrait more space to breath.
It seemed appropriate to use the last bit in the tube of Rembrandt Madder Deep. A magical paint colour that I have managed to use for the last umpteen years. I used it for the underpainting of the portrait. A tad radical, however, I read somewhere that Rembrandt used red underpainting for his portraits.
Rembrandt had a Bold Free way, colours layd with a great Body, and many times in old Men’s Heads extraordinarily deep Shaddows, very difficult to Copy, the colours being layd on Rough and in full touches, though sometimes neatly Finished.
Marshall Smith, Art of Painting 1693