What my collectors are saying
  -  What my collectors are saying

“I can feel the movement & the grace within the strokes. Just lovely 💕”

Robyn Heenan

“As an ex-ballet dancer, I have to say that I often cringe when I see an artist try and fail to get the lines that a dancer produces, particularly the legs and feet. But you got it perfectly!! It's the line that follows from the hip down the front of the leg and then to the arch of the foot. It's the first thing a dancer notices about another dancer, and the first thing I noticed in this painting. On top of that, the angles of the arms to the legs is also absolutely perfect.  I have suspicions that you too may have donned a tutu in the past to understand that beauty in the lines that you've captured so perfectly!!! Degas would impressed, that's for sure!!!”

Ashly Barnes

Its a beautiful piece. My perception of it is that its high energy with all of the vibrant colors. It compliments the butterflies which are also high energy creatures. So nice metaphors at work here.

Jefferey Maresch

The lines remind me of Kandinsky without becoming completely abstract

Kirsten Weeks

“A remarkable artistic approach with great sensitivity. We sense a very strong creative instinct in you and an empirically-oriented approach. “

Luxembourg 2016 Art Prize Selection Committee’s response

Juba Style is absolutely stunning. I've looked at it about 10 times since seeing it for the first time this evening

Susan Forbes

As per your wonderful sense/insight of humanity Jan, you have captured emotive images of the human spirit; universally speaking your mind by way of canvas, paint, & fingers. Many of us could learn to not just “look”, but to “see” as well, by taking notice of the message you have implored here within these works

Robyn Heenan

I think this is very beautiful. It reminds me of the days when I’m waiting for my “tide” to come in….stuck in bed with fibro can feel like that a lot of the time. Just beautiful!

Owning a piece of art that you absolutely love is a feast for the eyes every day! Thanks Jan Andre Raats!


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