White on White
  -  White on White


abstract minimalist painting recycled plastic water bottle butterflies


Acrylic and recycled plastic water bottle butterflies on canvas

Available as a Commissioned Work from $5,400.00

A response to Michele Nigrini’s Colour Symphony

White-on-White. Shadows. Pure. Complete. Perfection. 


Is white an equal balance of all colours in the spectrum, or the absence of colour? White, full of meaning and life. Butterflies. Recycled plastic water bottles. Sustainable. The growing urgency to protect our natural heritage. A tribute to the garden influences in Nigrini’s works. There are 395 butterflies. one for each of her panels


Aesthetic bands of equal width, alternate matt and gloss white, taking inspiration from the American Abstract Minimalist Painter, Agnes Martin. Martin’s hand-drawn graphite lines, a reflection of the black lines in the panels of ‘Colour Symphony’. My painting technique of using my fingers, as much part of the imperfections that characterises Agnes Martin’s work. 


The differences in the butterflies are due to the part of the plastic water bottle they come from. Within the work, there is an added dimension that responds to the ‘marks’ in Michele Nigrini’s panels.


Using salt bush cuttings for the application technique, and inspired by the pincushion protea that are in full bloom in this part of the Garden Route, a pinchsion protea design in ultra-violet paint, is hidden in the butterflies.  In a spectrum beyond what we can normally see. 


We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.’ 
Maya Angelou

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